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Plastic Pallets

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Unique Modular Fabrication

  • Our Plastics Pallets are fabricated/assembled from Modular construction, which make them easy to maintain and repair hence longer life
  • More cost effective in the long run
  • User friendly, since they can easily cut, shaped,turned planed screwed or nailed
  • Tailor made to custom sizes and load bearing capacities.

Advantages of Plastic Pallets V/S Wooden/Metal

  • Environmentally friendly,replacewood,saved trees.
  • Excellent resistance to moisture, doesn't rot/corrode.
  • Termite/Ant resistance
  • No Aurface protector needed
  • Rugged, durable construction, lasts significantly longer
  • Does not splinter chip or crack making it safe to use
  • Available in various colours for effective coding.

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