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Four Cavity Automatic Blow Molding


L-BS511 blowing machine has been improved on the basis of its pre-model. It is designed according to CE standard. By adding the safe door, the machine is safer and easier to operate, also it looks neat and nice.

Type HNL-B600
Item Name Gallon Stretch Blow Molding Machine
Model L-BS511
Force of closing mould 220KN
Productive Capacity 100PCS
Max Volume of products 100PCS
Working Air Pressure of Mainframe 1.0Mpa
Blowing Air Pressure 2.0-3.0Mpa
Voltage(3-phase1-phase) 380/240/110V
Heating power 15KW
Max Stretch Length 550mm
Max mould thickness 350mm
Allowed Mould thickness 280-400mm
Allowed Mould Width 450mm
Size of Main Frame(L,W,H) 2300x740x200mm
Size of Oven(L,W,H) 2660x650x1660mm
Weight 11200+620KG